HotelBot is a sample application to stimulate room reservation using Microsoft Bot Framework. It uses LUIS, machine learning-based service to build natural language processing capability to the bot.

To interact with bot framework user/client needs to initiate by uttering in the chat window. Utterance is text input from the user that the client application needs to understand. It may be a sentence, like "Hi" or "I would like to reserve a room", or a fragment of a sentence, like "reserve room" or "book room." Utterances aren't always well-formed, and there can be many utterance variations for a particular intent.

Commands to interact with bot.

There are multiple dialogs which LUIS is trained to respond. Initial greetings are handled as greeting dialog, when user types hi / howdy / goodmorning, etc bot would respond greeting the user.


To reserve a room initiate the reservation dialog using 'i would like to reserve a room', 'reserve room' or 'book room' this would present you with list of options.


The bot framework api is hosted in Azure.

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